mercredi 4 février 2015

Pike Place Market and Downtown Seattle

This morning, half of us went to a Spanish class and the second one went to a Chinese class. We did some fun activities to introduce ourselves. Then we learnt a new verb thanks to Mr Colin ! (To sleep in - please don't censure it Mr Colin, that's funny !!)  Anyway ! After everybody got ready, we went to the Pike Place Market ! There were some many interesting things and so much food to taste like chocolate covers cherries, chocolate pasta and bread with olive oil !!! We met fishmongers who were throwing some fishes to each other while they were singing a fishmonger song !! That was so cool !! Then we ate and made some shopping (such a good moment of freedom !! ^^) And after that, we went  back to Prep and then to our hosting family !! What a great day !!!! 

Dounia Hamdi Pacha and Enola Bollmann

Petit cafe dans le premier Starbucks

The crazy fishermongers

A taste of France ;) 

Some of our students went to see the Boys' baketball game last night.
Panthers won by 8 points. Well done boys !!!

Ou sont les francais?

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