mardi 10 février 2015

François T's weekend and Monday

Last weekend each pupil had a different program with his host family. For example, on Saturday, most of the French left in the city to visit it with their family or to shopping. Leslie and Scott (the parents of my correspondent Liam) took me around the Puget Sound is the estuary of Seattle and showed me the best views of the city center.
Then on Sunday, I had a special case because unlike other French who were at a party at Enola's correspondents' house from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., I was snowboarding in the mountains surrounding Seattle with Liam and some of his friends. I really enjoyed the day with only teenagers of my age who shares the same pleasure for skiing as me.
Today we took the monorail to go to the Space Needle where we discovered a new view angle on the city from the top of the symbolic tower of Seattle. Then we visited the Chihuly Museum which is a museum showing the works of artists with blowing glass and then assembled together.
And finally the best for last, the legendary EMP (Experience Music Project), a huge colorful metal building with an amazing architecture, which houses a museum dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and music in general. We were able to test real rock instruments (like guitars, bass guitars, drums) and audio editing (mixers, device changing voice) and we enjoyed it to laugh together. This impressive museum also has the trophies of the football team of Seattle (the Seahawks) and the collection of the original costumes from the Star Wars saga. 

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