jeudi 5 février 2015


Thursday, 5th :

We went to school with our exchanger and we attended to the first lesson. Then we walked to the University of Washington which is the oldest University of the western coast. We made a guided tour of it. The outside of the University is lovely and peaceful with large green spaces and a fountain. Inside, we went into the library which is a nice and quiet place to study. There, we also saw one of the biggest books of the world! After this, we had lunch on the campus. This University is really huge. I'd like studying here. 

Then we went shopping in the bookstore of the University. There, we were able to find books and writing material of course but also souvenirs of the University like sweat-shirts from the Huskies ( the football team of the University). At the end of this day, everybody was tired. Fortunately, we came back with the bus instead of walking.  

Camille Gautier 

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