samedi 7 février 2015


Friday 6th 
Today we went to Theo's chocolate factory but before that, in the morning, some of us had a French class and the other had to make a power point about Nantes and French music and finally we wrote our timetable to show them how a day in a French school is long.
At 9am we went to the factory where we had to wear a wonderful hair net. At the beginning of the visit, a man explained to us how the chocolate was made and how the cocoa beans were harvested. While he was speaking, we could taste different chocolates like dark chocolates, milk chocolates... And then we went into the factory and we saw all the machines and the kitchen where there was a dinosaure, a santa and Han Solo (a Star Wars character) made with chocolate we tasted chocolate with caramel and ganache it was delicious! After the visit ended and the man gave us a chocolate bar to each one. It was a very interesting visit.
After the visit, we found a place to eat and we went back to the school and in our hosts houses.

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