mercredi 11 février 2015


10th Tuesday :

Today, it was a really special day because it was not raining !! Wow, it was so magical !

Well, I started the day very early, at 6.30 a.m. and I drank a good coffee . We were in the French class until 9.00 a.m. where we did some games with the Americans students .

After that, we went to the Starbucks's industry to visit it and to drink coffee of course !

For me, it was a Mocha. Then, we went to the very big store named COSTCO with many foods and other things . That was the place where we ate in a great restaurant next to it. With our stomachs full, we were ready to see the flight museum . There, we saw many things about flying and there were simulators, we went to a store to buy some presents for the family after that visit. It was a really good experience and we had a lot of fun . We returned to Seattle Prep then to our host familles. Well , personally, I finished the day by writing this text and by going shopping for my little sisters. That's it for me ;)



I hope that you will like the text :)

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