vendredi 6 février 2015

Francois's first day at school

American people wake up early, 6 am!! But fortunately because of the jet lag I was ready at 2 am ! 
I had appointment at 6:30 am and after a quick breakfast I was there. A 17 year old guy drove me to school which is far (45 min) and brought me to the " great room " where I met the French group. 
After that, we visited Seattle prep. It is such a beautiful school with such good staff and a wonderful gymnasium ! Then we started the first lesson, guess what, it was a French lesson! American people had prepared questions (in French of course) such as : "Combien y a t il de personnes dans ta famille? Quelle est ta nourriture Americaine favorite? Tu preferes le rouge ou le bleu?..."
And you had to answer in French. I was very surprised by the fact that each American student has an IPad (all their books are on the iPad) furthermore they work a lot in groups. The cool thing is that they finish at 3pm. 
This first day was awesome!!!


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